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March Issue of Biofuel Research Journal is Out!

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Volume 5, Issue 1

BRJ's March issue showcases outstanding biofuel research, reviews, and perspectives across the journal's broad scope. The issue features important fundamental research in chemistry of fuel additives production and bioethanol production, as well as reviews and perspectives in environmental sustainability in the biofuel industry. BRJ`s review articles in this issue cover current status and future prospects of biofuel industry in Canada and different microalgal pretreatment for bioethanol production. The editorial deals with real-world challenges faced by the biofuel industry worldwide from the environmental sustainability point of view discussing instrumental tools to manage the associated concerns. We hope you enjoy reading it.

Meisam Tabatabaei
Editor-in-Chief, BRJ

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Environmental sustainability tools in the biofuel industry

Marc A. Rosen


Synthesis of solketalacetin as a green fuel additive via ketalization of monoacetin with acetone using silica benzyl sulfonic acid as catalyst

Hassan S. Ghaziaskar, Yadollah M. Gorji


Current state and future prospects for liquid biofuels in Canada

Jennifer Littlejohns; Lars Rehmann; Rachel Murdy; Aung Oo; Stuart Neill

Microalgal biomass pretreatment for bioethanol production: a review
Jesús Velazquez-Lucio; Rosa M. Rodríguez-Jasso; Luciane M. Colla; Aide Sáenz-Galindo; Daniela E. Cervantes-Cisneros; Cristóbal N. Aguilar; Bruno D. Fernandes; Héctor A. Ruiz


Bacterial laminarinase for application in ethanol production from brown algae Sargassum sp. using halotolerant yeast

C.M.T. Perez; I.G. Pajares; V.A. Alcantara; J.F. Simbahan

On the cover
Although the biofuel industry addresses, at least partially, both energy and  environmental issues, its activities utilize matter and energy and also generate  wastes, potentially affecting the environment and human health. In this issue of Biofuel Research Journal, Professor Marc A. Rosen (pp. 751-752) emphasizes that careful and serious consideration of the  environmental sustainability aspects of this industry is necessary. In the cover image, the application of exergy-based methods, encompassing the  essences of the other sustainability assessment tools like LCA, appear to  be promising  tools in the analysis of biofuel production systems from  thermodynamic, economic, and environmental perspectives simultaneously, leading to overall sustainability of the planet. Cover art by BiofuelResJ.

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